One Touch Directions to your Cello Lessons

by Anne Hobbs

July 11, 2018

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We’ve all been there – it’s go, go, go in Atlanta traffic. You’ve just had enough time to pick up your child’s new swim-suit in some obscure part of town and now you’re dashing through wild, unchartered territory to get to your cello lesson. Finding that address to plug into your app while ordering at the Chick-fil-A window sure doesn’t make life easier. But now, you can relax …



One click directions have been set up just for you on both the locations and contact pages of our website. Simply click on the Google Map Icon above your Cello Lesson Location and Google will have you on your way.



Now, you’ll be making your cello lessons in good time while enjoying those oh! so yummy waffle fries.

Share this article. Share the love.